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ROX Tigers’ head coach: “Honestly I’m surprised because Europe is also looking very strong whenever we practice with them.”

The ROX Tigers’ head coach Jeong “NoFe” No-Chul shared his thoughts about their chances at worlds and the recent scrim leaks that happened in North America during an interview with various casters in a special streaming event called “The God of Competition.”

In preparation of the upcoming League of Legends world championship, Korean streaming platform AfreecaTV hosted OGN casters Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo, Kim Dong-Jun, ex-Starcraft pro and ex-OGN caster Kang ming, and Nice Game TV’s caster Ha Gwang-Seok. During the interview segment, NoFe talked about how he views group A.

“I think we’ll be ok outside the wild card game,” he said. “I think many think that G2 and Counter Logic Gaming aren’t strong teams, but from our perspective, we are cautious of G2, and I think there’s still a possibility that CLG bounces back.”

The elephant in the room was obviously the recent leaks of scrims they held with North American teams and whether or not they affected the Tigers. NoFe had a rather nonchalant attitude, but did say that it was less than optimal.

“I woke up and then heard about the leaks but I wasn’t all that surprised, because I thought it could happen at any time,” he said. “We tend to play some new picks and strategies when practicing with foreign teams. I don’t think the team cared that much about it but it definitely didn’t feel nice.”

When asked about how he views the other regions, NoFe said that he expects some regions in particular to really perform.

“The Chinese teams are really good this season,” he said. “I think they’ll do the best they’ve ever done at worlds. Honestly I’m surprised because Europe is also looking very strong whenever we practice with them. I think the recent lane swap patch had a lot to do with it, since the Korean way of game management died with it. We can’t really try something new with standard lanes so that closed the gaps a lot.”



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