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Samsung Galaxy head coach: “We’re cautious of Team SoloMid and Royal Never Give Up in about equal measure.”

In a special stream event hosted by AfreecaTV called “The God of Competition,” Samsung Galaxy’s head coach Choi Woo-Beom gave some insight into how his team has been spending time after the surprise win in the gauntlet and said he had to reign the team in a little bit.

“We had a vacation and prepared for worlds starting on [August] 19th,” he said. “We’re not that concerned about the other teams, but I am concerned about my players, seeing as most of them never made it to worlds. Because they did well during the season, it went to their heads a little bit. I did have a conversation with the team about that recently, and they’ve mostly returned to their usual selves.”

The stream invited OGN casters Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo, Kim Dong-Jun, ex-OGN caster Kang Min, and Nice Game TV’s caster Ha Gwang-Seok to share their thoughts and opinions regarding worlds, as well as interview some known names in Korea.

When asked about what foreign team Samsung was particularly concerned about, head coach Choi said the he was more mindful of the crowds than anything else.

“We’re cautious of Team SoloMid and Royal Never Give Up in about equal measure,” he said. “Outside of skill, since worlds will be held in North America, I think there is some concern about the crowd there.”

In terms of preparation Samsung seems to have been burned by trying something new, and decided that perhaps one something isn’t broken, you don’t really have to fix it.

“I think it’s important that we keep playing the style we do,” he said. “We tried some new things but the results were pretty bad. The team decided that they should add one champion at a time to our pools not 2 or 3 at once.”

Lastly the head coach finally talked about his hopes for Samsung during worlds rather than continue to remain realistic and humble.

“I told the players to keep everything the same other than the region we’re playing in and make it out of groups,” he said. “In my heart, I want to be first in our group and find a good second place from another group and go at least to the semi finals. I think it’s possible to win the whole thing one game at a time. Even during the gauntlet we didn’t look to win the whole thing, just to take one game after the next.”


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