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KkOma: “Thanks to (criticism) we were able to practice even harder for the world championship.”

With the League of Legends World Championship mere days away, Daily eSports’ Lee Si-Woo interviewed three coaches as they prepared to head to California.

The ROX Tigers’ head coach Jeong “NoFe” Noh-Chul, who said that he was initially satisfied with placing second in the 2015 world championship, told Daily eSports that he will be “reaching new heights alongside the players.”

“Before this season, there were key players on the team,” he said. “This season, every player stepped up, and have their own unique play style, so I hope the fans look at the team as a whole rather than at individual players.”

SK Telecom T1’s coach Choi “KkOma” Byung-Hoon commented that SKT has been “under some heavy criticism” for their performance during the summer split, which placed them third in League Champions Korea. However KkOma assures that it was only fuel to the fire.

“Thanks to (the criticism) we were able to practice even harder for the world championship,” he said. “We have plenty of things prepared, and the players have also improved, so I think the team will produce good results this year.”

He also shared his thoughts of SKT’s Group B, saying that the reason it is called the group of death from fans in Korea is because “of the heavier criticism,” and went as far as to say that SKT will “deliver death to the group and advance.”

Samsung Galaxy’s head coach Choi Woo-Beom showed more humility. which perhaps fits his first venture into the world championship. He promised Samsung will try just as hard at worlds as it did in the LCK.

“We will try our best to produce good results,” he said. “There is pressure to the players as this is their first world championship, so I intend to support them to my best ability. I think (our group) will be the hardest out of all of them. With the difficulties that come with it, I think we can ride that forward momentum higher into the standings if we make it out of groups.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games.


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