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League of Legends pop-up store returning to South Korea for October

Why are we not seeing a Riot store in the U.S.? Seriously, why not? There are such things as dedicated stores for Thinkgeek. With the amount of goods and clothing items Riot is pumping out, I’m seriously confused as to why they haven’t set up shop — literally — in their home region of North America.

My angst is amplified by the fact that such a shop is opening in Korea in a few days. For the second time.

Riot Games’ Korean representative Lee Seung-Hyun announced that they will be opening a “LoL pop-up store” and gallery in Busan’s Lotte-Department store for one month beginning Saturday. This would be Riot’s second pop-up store, the first of which attracted 50,000 customers in a span of a month in Seoul, writes Sports Seoul’s Kim Jin-Wook.

The store will have the new Championship Riven figurine available for purchase, as well as hoodies, snapbacks, and other clothing items. From the second week of the store, the 2016 world championship clothing will also be available for purchase for a limited time. Other items include figurines and goods that were also seen in the previous pop-up store.

The free gallery portion of the store will see the return of “League of Legends: The Summoning” that had the collaboration of various Korean traditional artists and League of Legends and attracted 8,000 people during its first display in November of 2015.

Other special events include “mystery boxes,” 100 of which will be available for purchase, with the contents inside being a random selection of figurines, clothing items, plush, or accessory items. The main allure being that you can get value worth 60,000 Won for 40,000, and may include items that aren’t for purchase at the pop-up store.

Customers with purchases added up to 40,000 Won will get a free mini Poro plush, and 100 lucky players who take part in an on site questionnaire will get a souvenir.

Look, we know you’re making good stuff, Riot. I will buy the worlds bomber jacket, and I’m sure the 2016 worlds hoodies will be a hot item. With your art and design team being one of the best I’ve seen in creating such goods, it’s nearly criminal that you haven’t made a dedicated store for fans to gush and buy stuff.

Not to mention, it’s a great way to do surveys, have fans get in touch with Rioters, have surprise appearances, give a whole new life to your social media presence, promote new events, showcase unique artwork, and even get more people into your game. There are so many upsides to this concept that it would make no sense to not do it.

Most of all, you can give me a way to buy Deficio branded items such as Deficio hoodies, framed Deficio pictures, a stylized Deficio signature, or even a brand new Deficio figurines.

That’s just leaving money on the table Riot. For shame.


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