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SBENU Korea disbands

Korean League of Legends team SBENU Korea has disbanded, OSEN reports. In a statement to OSEN, an official from SBENU has said that “the team has decided to disband on the 5th of October.” OSEN also reports SBENU has not practiced since then.

SBENU is not a stranger of internal issues, as in March there were troubles regarding payment to the players and comparatively poor facilities. SBENU was relegated from League Champions Korea after the spring split and failed to re-qualify in the summer. After their rebranding to SBENU Korea, the organization was unsuccessful in making it back to the LCK and was preparing for the 2017 spring Challenger season.

But SBENU has halted all business activity as of Sept. 30, OSEN reports. The decision was made “in order to create company normalization through fluidity and expansion,” according to the statement given to OSEN.

Head coach Park Jae-Seok told OSEN the team “has canceled all scrim schedules after hearing that the League of Legends team will be disbanded due to bad business conditions,” and further said that he thinks “that this would not have happened if (they) made it to the regular season in the promotional series, and (I’m) extremely apologetic to the SBENU fans that have supported us.”


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