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The Impulse to simplify everything

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

Last night, G2 went out of Worlds with a humiliating loss in the group stages of 1-5. Whatever preparation they had, it didn’t work out either because it wasn’t good or because the nerves struck them or both. A bad loss for them, but when we look back on the year g2 was the best EU team and players like PerkZ, Trick, mithy and Zven were among if not the best at their role in the West.

So why is it that so many fans want to paint G2 as a disaster and ignore all other 100+ games they’ve played throughout the year in favor for just these 6? There is an impulse in every scene, in every community to simplify the equation. Very few people are willing to go the extra mile to study, analyse and think about a player or team’s entire career over a long span of time. It is easier to reduce it down to one moment. This happens in Dota2 where teams are sometimes only judged on TI results alone.

I got into a discussion with a fan saying that LGD was a disappointment as a roster in 2016. He answered the problem was that they were a team made for TI and because they were forced to use a stand in you couldn’t make that judgement. The essential problem is that every team is made for TI. If we only judged them base don TI results, the first iteration of Secret last year and this year’s OG are terrible teams by that metric.

The same thing happened in SC2 last year after Blizzcon when sOs won. Someone told me that sOs was the best player of the year because he had won Blizzcon. I told him sOs barely cracked my top 10 players for that year.

But no one thinks about them that way because of all they did throughout the year prior to TI. This mentality is especially bad in League as they have so few events. It is easier to simplify down results and greatness to just one event, but I’m against it. All that does is devalues every player or team’s history and career.  The end tournaments are important, but that’s not all there is.


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