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Marss on sponsorships, avoiding upsets and The Big House 6

Slingshot’s Connor Smith caught up with Tyler “Marss” Martins at The Big House 6 to talk about his tournament, avoiding upsets and more sponsorships coming together in Smash.

Connor Smith: I know there’s a lot of upsets in Smash 4. For you, as a top player, how do you adjust and make sure you’re not one of the people that falls to an upset?

Tyler “Marss” Martins: I just try to keep a good mentality, at all times. I know Smash 4 is kind of a jank game, in so many ways. There’s a very big possibility of me getting upset, and honestly anybody getting upset. I just convince myself like “I’m a good player” and I kind of instill that in my head, and that gives me enough confidence to play the way I want to play, and play well, and not mess up.

CS: Your bracket going forward is Kamemushi?

TN: Yes, Kamemushi

CS: And after that, I believe, would be the winner of Dabuz and Salem?

TN: (Laughs) Dabuz and somebody.

CS: Obviously that’s a pretty stacked side of the bracket. What are your expectations, and how are you gonna prepare for tomorrow?

TN: Probably just prepare the normal way: Play friendlies with VoiD. Then, facing Kamemushi, I’m pretty confident. I do have a little Mega Man experience. Honestly, it could go either way. If I do win, I want the runback with Dabuz. I’m really looking forward to bracket tomorrow.

CS: Is there anyone at this tournament that surprised you?

TN: As they’re doing right now? Not really.

CS: You just finished off a very close doubles matchup. How intense was that, last hit last stock?

TN: Ugh. It was crazy. It was so crazy. Zero Suit is notoriously either broken in doubles or she gets easily oppressed. I feel like M2K and Ally played really well, against ZSS, cause they just shielded. I can’t do too much about it, and her grab is particularly telegraphed. That was really hard. It was kind of frustrating, but the set went on and I tried my best. We ended up losing.

CS: You have the sponsorship with Denial Esports. A lot of players are starting to see sponsorships trickle in. For you, as someone that’s deeply invested in the scene, how is this growth impacting you?

TN: I think, like, Smash has the potential to become a career for anyone who really really dedicates to it. Obviously, you have to be good and you have to integrate yourself somewhere in the community. Where I see myself or just smash in general?

CS: It seems like everything is exploding right now…

TN: Yeah, like Smash 4 is at an all-time height, when it comes to publicity and teams getting invested in it.

CS: Do you have a plan going forward or do you just want to keep taking it day by day?

TN: Just keep going tournament by tournament, doing my best, representing Denial, cause they help me get to these events.

CS: You mentioned they help you get to events. How else does the sponsorship help you out?

TN: Just the essentials. Getting to the event, and then a place to stay. Things you need.

CS: Any final thoughts or shoutouts?

TN: Shoutouts to Denial (Laughs) for helping me get to Big House. All the people at New England, help me practice. And Pugwest for being an amazing partner.

CS: Any bold predictions for tomorrow?

TN: Bold predictions? I’ll beat Kamemushi. Then Dabuz loses to whoever it is, and then, hopefully, I get an easy W, and somehow sail all the way to winners finals. (Laughs) Actually, I want to win this. That’s my goal. I’m not trying to settle for top three, top eight. Nothing. I want to win this.

Cover photo by Connor Smith