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Spud on fundraiser to get him to TBH6: “The support was so unexpected.”

Slingshot’s Connor Smith caught up with New Zealand Smasher Spud at The Big House 6 to talk about the fundraiser to get him there, Mew2King and playing at that type of venue.

Connor Smith: There was a big fundraiser to get you to America. How important was that support?

Sin | Spud: The support was so unexpected. I did not expect so many people to give so much money in such a short time frame. The fundraiser was three weeks before The Big House, so this is not even a month ago. It just all happened so fast. And now I’m here. It’s amazing. I love it.

CS: As far as playing Marth on NTSC, how is it different for you to transition?

Spud: My favorite move spikes them. So it sends them downward and they can’t jump out of it. My version, it sends it downward and they can jump out of it. It just ruins my dreams. I love America Marth.

CS: Are there any pros you’re excited to play, or have played this weekend?

Spud: I’ve played a lot of American pros, and British pros. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s exactly what I expected. It’s really good practice.

CS: How much do you think you’ll improve from this event?

Spud: I think I’ve already leveled up quite a bit, but I might lose it all if I go back and don’t play against players that are good enough. It’ll all be a good experience, anyway.

CS: Do you have any expectations for the tournament?

Spud: I just want to make bracket, but I won’t put expectations on myself. Or else I’ll choke and play bad. I’ll just have it come and go, and I’ll try to keep calm and play as well as I can.

CS: As far as the venue is concerned…

Spud: Best venue for any Smash event I’ve ever been to.

CS: M2K is another high-profile Marth player at this event. Have you had the chance to play him?

Spud: Yeah. He’s as good as I expected him to be. He’s literally the cheese master. He could put enough cheese to fill 10 pizzas, is what I explained playing against him.

CS: Any examples of that?

Spud: It’s really hard to explain. You just have to play him and you’ll feel it. He just does the stupidest gimmicky cheese stuff and then he kills you cause he’s Mew2King.

CS: Any final thoughts for your fans?

Spud: I’m gonna try and dunk people on-stream, if I get stream time, okay guys

Cover photo by Connor Smith