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Karrigan benched, notaN to replace

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

Astralis was always peering down the rabbit hole.

After another lackluster performance at a LAN, they have finally bit the bullet. Zonic has benched Karrigan and replaced him with notaN. Someone no one has ever heard about. This is likely a placeholder as notaN is too young to play in ELEAGUE and they still need an in-game leader. The three likely candidates are Snappi, gla1ve and MSL. MSL is the least likely to leave as his team is the best from Denmark and is trending upwards. Snappi and gla1ve might be more accommodating, but both have seen good results with Heroic.

The question is if gla1ve is willing to leave that success to get a spot in the Major.


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