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Rough Drafts podcast: Worlds Week 2 recap

rough drafts

In Part 1 of our recap of the League of Legends World Championship group stage, Chase “RedShirtKing” Wassenar and Walter “Ceades” Fedczuk pay tribute to the fallen teams of this year’s group stage. Together, they discuss how G2 and Splyce can learn from their performance, Taiwan’s infuriating performance and the fear of what happens next for the region, and the fall of Team SoloMid at the hands of Weldon Green.

In Part 2 of our recap, Chase and Walter look toward the upcoming quarterfinals and express their excitement, even if the bracket draw is a bit disappointing. Together, they discuss whether Cloud9 has a path to victory against Samsung Galaxy given their disappointing Week 2 performance and how Royal Never Give Up must attack SKT’s bot lane if they want to pull off the upset. Then, they look at the legacy of ClearLove in International play, if the ROX Tigers have finally awoken from a state of slumber in the group stage, and whether you should worship at the church of “Russian Jesus” Likkrit or EU’s last hope, GODG1VEN.

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