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Starcraft 2 in the eyes of my dad

So during my coverage of the League of Legends World Championship in San Francisco, I had a chance to watch some GSL games with my dad. He was more into esports than I was during the development of professional gaming, and you could say he started my fascination of the now global phenom that I am working in. He still remembers how the games played out in “his day” so here are some quotes he shared with me.

“Man the players are much more careful with their units. Back in the day they just threw armies at each other and hoped to have more stuff than the other guy.”

“This ByuN player is really smart. I can’t believe he makes all those defenses.”

“What are the new Dragoons called again? (Stalkers) Yeah, I remember that the Stalker rush was also a thing back then.”

“I still think all this immaculate micro play was thanks to (Lim “BoxeR” Yo-Hwan) and his back-then unique play style.”

“Did that Pylon just attack a Supply Depot? (Yeah Protoss has an ability for that now) That’s awesome.”

“(You see the Supply Depots and Barracks on the ramp? They’re supposed to block the ramp.) Terrans still used to block entrances to ramps in Broodwar. (Supply Depots can burrow now too.) Oh. That’s new.”

“Wait so drop ships can pick up Siege Tanks in Siege mode?”

“Starcraft is still a lot of fun.”

I owe all my current passion of gaming to my dad, and it was a blast to go back in time to 2000 to watch professional gaming together. I hope I get more experiences to come.


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