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Crown talks to Korean casters about being booed, CuVee’s haircut and SSG’s chances to win the Summoner’s Cup

Samsung Galaxy swept Cloud9 Thursday, 3-0, advancing to the semi-finals in New York. After the victory, Samsung’s mid laner Lee “Crown” Min-Ho was invited to the Korean caster desk for a celebratory interview with Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo, Kim Dong-Jun, and Jeon Yong-Jun, and talked about how he felt before the match.

“I was really nervous before, actually,” he said. “Like the feeling you get before a match. I started to think maybe this is where we go home, but when I actually started playing on stage, I think everything ended well for us.”

The casters asked more in detail about his game-feel was despite the initial nervousness, but Crown was quick to remember his solo death.

“I thought I was feeling pretty good but then I gave a solo kill away,” he said. “In my head I was like, I should flash the Orianna Q to kill her, but my hand moved first. I don’t think it was bad overall though.”

Of course, the casters mentioned the crowd booing Samsung and whether or not it made him any more nervous than he already was, Crown said it was to the contrary.

“With the fan reaction like that, I thought it was fine, and it would be fun to win (with the crowd against us,) and it actually relaxed me,” he said. “I just wanted to win that much more.”

Caster Kim then turn the conversation for the quarterfinals, and Crown said that they had more success on the stage than practice.

“Our practice process wasn’t that great,” he said. “We won a couple and loss a couple, but I don’t think my teammates felt like they would lose.”

CloudTemplar asked some more about top laner Lee “CuVee” Sung-Jin’s new 50,000 won ($44) haircut and if it had any relation to CuVee’s stellar performance. Crown said it was more like the Samson effect.

“I thought he got worse after the haircut,” he said, as the casters erupted in laughter. “I think he did well because we all got lucky.”

With Samsung’s now self professed unexpected success, many fans are understandably changing their minds more in favor of Samsung’s chances for the summoner’s cup. Crown still maintained his trademark humility.

“The tournament needs to progress more for evaluations to hold water,” he said. “I think the fans should judge us based on our finals performance if we make it that far. I think the current evaluations are much too high, and frankly we’re not deserving of that realistically.”
Although Crown did laugh when the casters asked about their bracket which has no Korean teams in the semis, and said that “compared to the other side, this is a lot better.”


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