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Japanese developer making game featuring VR romance

Japanese adult game developer Illusion has listed its latest virtual reality game “VR Kanojo” on Steam Greenlight on Thursday.

Inheriting the concept of “Real Kanojo,” which was Illusion’s previous adult game for the PC, the latest project will be for VR devices, featuring interactions and communication with a virtual girlfriend in a romantic setting, with with shakes of the head and in-game choices.

Illusion made waves in the Western media in 2009 with it’s game “Rapelay,” a rape simulation game. But due to Steam’s ban on the sale of games that are overtly sexual, it can be thought that Illusion will release a version of the game with the explicit sexual content stripped from it.

Although not yet greenlit, VR Kanojo is looking at a release in January of 2017, and will be compatible with Windows, Occulus Rift, and HTC Vive.


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