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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

After the dissolution of the five Korean Esports Association StarCraft teams and the Starcraft Proleague, MyungSik announced he was joining Team Heroic as an Overwatch player. This was extremely surprising to me since Overwatch is a team game that requires harmony.

And MyungSiK is the most hated man to have ever come out of the Korean scene. He’s bounced around multiple times from different teams and when that’s the case there’s usually some teammate who talks about his teammates in a good light. No one ever has. Flash once did a Q&A and one of his fans asked him if he ever got angry at someone in the team house. He said he got angry three times, and two of them were because of MyungSik. In the Global StarCraft League, Life chose MyungSiK in his GSL group not because he was bad, but because he wanted to personally eliminate him. Life then had the power to switch a player into his group and he chose Bomber to hurt MyungSik even more. Bomber’s response? He understood because he knew how much MyungSiK was hated.

All of Jin Air hates him, especially Rogue, and they all cheered when Maru demolished him in Pro League. Now I don’t know what exactly he does or says to be hated, but there has been no one ever talked about with so much vitriol in the SC2 scene besides David Kim.

And now they want to put him on a six-person team? This can’t end well.


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