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What purpose do recorded POV demos serve?

Last night’s sketchy forfeit win ALTERNATE aTTaX got over Singularity, after presumably losing fair and square in the minor qualifier, has brought up an important issue. Why are POV demos required by players, if no one is willing to act on them?

Given what we have seen during what the community affectionately calls “witch hunts,” it seems obvious to me you can never ban anyone solely based on a demo review.

Unless the opponents are for example speed-hacking or spin-botting, I have a hard time imagining a scenario that would allow you to comfortably ban someone, knowing they were for sure indeed cheating. And in this case, false positives are far worse than false negatives.

The most obvious cheating can be spotted from GOTV demos, which are basically always available – and if they are not, they should be.

So what do we need POV demos for?

As far as I can tell, they are merely there to be abused. Best case scenario, the players in question upload their demos and nothing happens. Worst case scenario happened last night – apparently Singularity’s demo was missing less than a minute of a round, and it was enough for FACEIT to grant aTTaX a forfeit win.

My question to tournament organizers is this: Are you willing to ban competitive players for cheating based on something you can see from a POV demo, but not a GOTV demo?

If not, stop the madness. We should be so far past the age of demo requests, and frankly it gives not only ALTERNATE, but the entire game a bad name.


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