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Paris Saint Germain probably has some Koreans lined up for its League of Legends team

Paris Saint-Germain held an AMA on Reddit today after their disaster of a press conference stream a couple of days ago, and I’m happy to say that the AMA went much more smoothly.

This was a pretty solid PR AMA with a layer of humor and even had Yellowstar pop in and out to address some questions. Here are some standouts to me:

“When it comes down to players – to be original, I would like to work with two Korean players that would “lead by example” and young players that are willing to prove themselves and make their own name on the scene.”

Although it’s pretty easy to dismiss that PSG is merely sharing a goal that they have, but when you look at this statement through the lens of a traditional sports team saying this, it seems odd that they would  say this on such a public forum if nothing was completely concrete.

The typical PR responses from various traditional sports teams have always meandered around the question and offering non-answers, so when it comes to PSG wanting to “work with 2 Korean players,” seems a very specific thing to say. Although this is pure speculation, I would say it’s a good possibility that PSG already have some solid negotiations with a couple of Korean players already.

What further corroborates my hypothesis is another answer from Yellowstar himself. When Reddit user moroheus asked if a challenger series spot “will make it difficult to attract foreign talent (Korean players,)” Yellowstar only answered with a “No.”

Again, given the patterns of sports PR, that seems like a very confident response, almost as if they have been dealing with Korean talent. Despite the challenger spot, the fact that a well-known European football team will be recruiting players for a League of Legends team is enough to turn some heads even across an ocean.

So I would urge people to keep a look out for Korean players jumping ship to PSG, with a nice package and pay in order to lead the PSG team “by example.”


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