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Settlement reached with NRG’s Gerard Kelly in unpaid wages case

A settlement has been reached with Gerard Kelly in a lawsuit claiming he and Martin Shkreli’s esports organization failed to pay its one-time coach.

Rohit “CurryShotGG” Nathani, who coached Team Imagine, sued in February claiming he was still owed $25,000 of the $30,000 Kelly and Shkreli’s organization, Maelstrom Gaming, promised to pay him.

The settlement was filed Oct. 16 in New York state court. Terms were not disclosed, but the settlement only resolved claims against Kelly, according to Nathani’s attorney, who said the case against Shkreli and Maelstrom Gaming remains ongoing.

“We resolved all matters with Mr. Kelly,” said Roger Quiles, Nathani’s attorney. “Now we can turn our attention to Mr. Shkreli and Maelstrom Gaming, who have yet to appear in the case.”

Kelly is the president of Gaming Operations for NRG Esports, an organization founded a year ago. Neither Shkreli nor Maelstrom appeared in court for a hearing scheduled for last Tuesday.

The settlement came after a lengthy tussle over discovery info. Kelly was requested in May to provide basic summary information about any witnesses he expects to call in the case and was given 30 days to do so. After failing to provide any of it for four months, Kelly was ordered in September to provide the information.

Shkreli founded Odyssey Gaming, a Challenger League of Legends team, in May 2015. But after the team failed to qualify for the North American Challenger Series, he bought into Maelstrom Gaming, an already established Challenger team. They later started Team Imagine under the Maelstrom banner.

The lawsuit lists Shrkeli, Maelstrom Gaming and Kelly as defendants. Kelly, who was a co-owner of Maelstrom when Shkreli bought into it, was the CEO of NRG Esports until April,when he moved into his current role. NRG is a multi-game organization with teams and players in League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros and Smite.


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