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The BoxeR and Flash Hype Train

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

The human mind is such that it likes to reduce and simplify all arguments, positions and ideas. Sometimes it’s helpful if only in shorthand way to get someone up to speed on the core concepts of what is being discussed.

The problem is that the human mind is also such that once a position is taken, it is hard to dislodge a notion from a person’s head. Especially if said person has barely studied anything of the subject matter. In this particular case I will be talking about BoxeR from BW and Flash in SC2.

For the uninitiated, BoxeR is like to be one of if not the biggest name from Brood War and the one everyone remembers. This is for a few reasons as he was likeable, he helped found multiple teams (SKT, Air Force Ace, SlayerS), he was one of the first big champions of the game and most of all he has the most highlight clips of anyone. But if you look at the totality of his career and compare him to the other greats, it doesn’t measure up no matter what criteria you use. Players like Flash, Jaedong, Bisu, Stork, Nada, Savior, Julyzerg, iloveoov have all surpassed him.

In the same sense is Flash in SC2. Flash deserved every accolade he ever got and then some from his Brood War career. His SC2 career was above average, but the problem was a lot of people tried to force all of the things he did in Brood War onto his SC2 career. I’ve seen this argument multiple times that Flash revolutionized SC2 with his Terran play and could have dominated the game if the races were more balanced or people stopped cheesing him.

In reality, he played standard styles the entire time he was in SC2 and his most successful period were during times when Terran was the strongest. He was a weaker version of INnoVation in SC2.

All of this makes me think people want to idolize the idea of the person rather than the person himself.


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