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Rioter subtweets journalist about story citing jungle plant concerns

With the recent hubbub of “plants” in the jungle, the League of Legends player base and the game’s developer Riot Games seem to be on opposing sides on the matter. Threads have been made on reddit on the matter, and the community is determined to be unhappy with the changes.

PvPLive’s James “Obscurica” Chen wrote about his concerns regarding this issue, citing community backlash, statements from Riot’s lead game systems designer that pointed out that the new direction in the jungle is “bad for a fun game,” and even an official statement from the dev team itself that they might scale back on the decision.

Jo “Fearless” Graylock seemed to be upset, though. Upset enough to tweet about it, but not enough to tag Obscurica in the post:

It’s not new that developers have shaky ideas that later get removed. That’s the purpose of League’s preseason. Riot tries out some new ideas, see if they stick, and if they don’t, they remove them. The preseason is a built-in get out of jail free card for stuff like this. I’m not sure anyone was undermining the work, just simply revealing the trial-and-error nature of game development.

Also, subtweets never helped anybody, Jo. Shame on you.


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