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SKT press conference highlights with Chinese media

Riot Games revealed a sneak peek of SKT's League of Legends World Championship skins.
Riot Games revealed a sneak peek of SKT's League of Legends World Championship skins. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

By defeating Samsung Galaxy 3-2 on Saturday night, SK Telecom T1 has made history by becoming the first three-time champion in League of Legends history. SKT is also the first team to win consecutive championships. Here are some of the highlights from SKT’s news conference after the historic victory with the Chinese-speaking media. (The transcript includes the answers given in Korean and translated to English.)

Bengi on not wanting to be a coach when he retires: After retiring, I think it’ll be tough to be a coach, so I don’t really want that career path. There’s a lot of stress with being a coach, like getting stress with feedback and in game. I don’t want such a life; I want to have a happy life.

Kim “kkOma” Jung-gyun on SSG’s comeback: There have been so many difficulties this year, so that game in particular wasn’t worse than any other moment. We actually had more hope that we would win if it went to Game 5.

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok on if he’d like another nickname besides “Demon King:” I’ve been happy with all the really cool nicknames. I hope the fans call me with cool nicknames.

Question: How does winning now compare to winning in (2013 and 2015)?

Bae “Bengi” Seong-Woong: when we won last year, we kept winning and sweeping the tournament, so it felt comfortable. But this year we won spring but not summer, and a lot of teams were looking strong this year. If we see our records from quarters, we didn’t win a single match in a 3-0, so I consider this year’s worlds to be a much tougher one.

Faker: I was equally happy each year. I think it only differs on how each tournament was difficult compared to the other. I just feel like I want to be better each year, so I think that can give me motivation to perform each year.

Question: What do you want to say to each other Faker and Bengi?

Bengi: I’m thankful for him playing with me for 4 years, and I want to tell him that he did a good job.

Faker: I don’t much to say. You did good.

Faker on if he was nervous in Game 5: I do get nervous in Game 1 or 2, but I don’t get nervous in later games. I think that might be the reason behind my strength in best-of series.

Bae “Bang” Jun-sik on most his memorable moment of worlds: This year’s worlds was so long, so the memorable moments really just come down to spending a lot of time with my team.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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