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Wolf says Allstar voting would be more fun if limited to one player per team

SK Telecom T1’s support player Lee “Wolf” Jae-Wan took to twitter in what he called an “out of nowhere” short collection of thoughts about the upcoming League of Legends Allstars event.

“This is out of nowhere, but I think the Allstars is just a stage where we can enjoy ourselves regardless of the results,” he wrote. “So you don’t have angry-vote and just vote in players you want to see. It’s literally an event match.”

He also added some thoughts about what would make the event more fun, saying that limiting votes to one player per team “would have been more fun,” and that it was a “shame.”

“It would be really fun if they limited it to one vote per team,” he wrote. “Maybe they could do something like having a pro playing a role that’s not theirs for a day, or maybe have international mixes. Switching up bot duos or switching top, mid, and jungle, stuff like that.”

The Allstars event is a collection of Riot official matchups based on the regional votes from fans that determine which five players they wish to see compete as their region’s representative. The voting process in China has come under heavy criticism in recent days amid allegations of vote manipulation.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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