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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

Many analysts like T1grwis and Lurppis were wary of the move by Immortals to recruit zews into the roster. While zews had the in game knowledge and leadership, he hadn’t played professionally for a long time and were uncertain of how he could play at that high of a level from such a hiatus.

Put another way, T1grwis pointed out that if zews succeeded, he would be the first to ever do so.

While Immortals could have used up more time to try to get this to work, the Major qualifiers are coming up in a month. These major qualifiers are expected to be the hardest in history so they had to make a hard decision and decided to remove zews. The removal is the correct move.

In his place steel is coming in. I assume steel will take up IGL as he was the captain for g3x.


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