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Maikelele out, Pyth back in

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

The ELeague group stage was Maikelele’s last match with NiP. Considering that he was a standing in, it was a good result as they got first at Starladder, dropped out at EPICENTER and got fourth at ESL Proleague. The EPICENTER result isn’t that bad as they got the exact same score as everyone else in that group and were only knocked out by tiebreaker rules.

With pyth’s injuries healed up, he has returned to the squad. The problem with this scenario is that we have a weird Liquid situation. Pyth before the injuries was a better player than most of NiP’s squad. Maikelele’s joining gave NiP an extra dimension in a dedicated AWPer and playmaker. So the question is, which lineup do you choose? For now, they’ve gone with Pyth, but this reminds me of the famous Dave Chappelle skip about Kobe Bryant. The one where he says, “Here’s the ball, play for your freedom.”

If the results don’t start coming in, I wouldn’t be surprised if they booted pyth and went for Maikelele again. For Maikelele’s part, he’s kind of stuck in limbo as there aren’t any top teams that should be looking for his skill set right now in Europe. Or maybe NiP do the unthinkable and try to get both of them on the team and kick out one of the original four if they don’t get results, but that seems unlikely.


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