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Details on the Elemental Lux Skin

With the excitement surrounding the latest announcement of the next ultimate skin, Elementalist Lux, Riot Games had an official stream, hosting a Q and A session with the Product Owner Carlos “I Am Carlos” Giffoni and David “Phreak” Turley while also showing the skin in action in game.

Here are some of the interesting facts about the new skin from the stream:

  • You start out as the “Light” element when you begin the game, with the ability to change the elements as the game progresses.
  • By landing skill shots, you charge “elemental power” which when reached 100%, gives the player an option to choose an element to change into. The more you hit your skill shots, the quicker you transform.
  • Elementalist Lux has over 500 lines of recorded dialogue, with each of the 10 forms having their own unique lines. In comparison Lux has about 40 lines of dialogue, with some of the newer champions having somewhere between 300~400 lines.
  • The different forms are Light, Fire, Water, Nature, Wind, Dark, Magma, Mystic, Storm, and Ice.
  • Fire, Water, Nature, and Wind are the “first tier transformations” while the last five are “second tier transformations” that are combined by the first tier with another.
  • You may not combine two of the same elements.
  • The Earth element was scrapped due to the development team not wanting to create brown visual effects.
  • You don’t have to change into a form at all or stay at a tier 1 transformation if you so choose.
  • All of the forms have their own unique personalities that reflect their respective elements.
  • All of the voices have been done by Lux’s original voice actress, who was charged with voicing 10 different personalities and the aforementioned 500+ lines.
  • Each form has it’s own unique recall animations, spell effects, emotes, champion portraits, and voice overs.
  • The skin was first talked about late last year amongst a list of candidates for ultimate skins and development started in February of 2016, making it over eight months in development.
  • The theme behind Elementalist Lux was “evolution” and “exploration,” combined with the idea of a prismatic mage that changes color.
  • The release of Elementalist Lux is yet to be determined, but hopefully will hit the Public Beta Test Environment later today. (Phreak added that in his experience it takes about 2~4 weeks based on patch timing)
  • The release of Elementalist Lux will have different packages for purchase that include the Elementalist Ward skin, that also change depending on what form Lux chooses in game.
  • Carlos’ favorite form is Mystic because she is “crazy,” and is also fond of Dark.
  • A total number of 22 people worked on this skin, with most of them working on different projects at the same time, also not counting the number of people who worked on the technical side and others who worked on promotional material.
  • The most difficult forms to work on were Magma and Mystic, which had to differentiate themselves from Fire and Nature respectively.
  • Carlos has also worked with the Star Guardian skins as well as some of the Lunar Revel skinsĀ and Victorious Mao Kai.
  • The dance for the skin was inspired by KPOP and JPOP, with one of the developers actually coming up with the dance using her choreography experience.

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