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SKT reveals skins details on special stream

League of Legends world champions SK Telecom T1 had a celebratory stream Tuesday on AfreecaTV, hosted by OGN casters Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-Woo and Kim Dong-Jun, as well as NicegameTV’s caster Ha Gwang-Seok. It was a light-hearted affair with a simple question and answer setup.

Of the questions asked, caster Ha Gwang-Seok probed the SKT players on what they could say about the upcoming championship skins, which will be the team’s third set. SKT’s support Lee “Wolf” Jae-Wan gave stream viewers a sneak peek as to what the fans have to look forward to.

“I made a very shocking recall animation this time around,” he said to the team’s silent agreement. “I can’t say too much about the concept behind it, because it’ll be too easy, but it’s simple and short. If the behind the scenes video gets out (like Alistar,) it’ll be…”

His lane partner and SKT’s AD Carry also gave viewers a look into the thought process behind Wolf’s recall, and seemed to reflect some hilarity.

“When Wolf tried to come up with some ideas, we gave him a lot of suggestions, but when he actually acted it out, it was rather shocking,” he said, as the casters erupted in laughter. “He asked for it to be realized in front of a lot of people, but it was a little embarrassing.”

To go even further, Wolf went ahead and revealed his champion of choice; a certain fishy support.

“I did decide to go with Nami,” he said. “I think I’m allowed to reveal the champion. She’s a very pretty, legless champion so I had to reenact that.”

CloudTemplar also wanted to ask more about jungler Kang “Blank” Sun-Gu’s skin of choice, bringing up the very popular Zac plays he has made during worlds, netting the nickname “The Jelly” among fans. Blank seemed to agree that Zac had a special place in his heart.

“There’s been a lot of skins for the team,” he said. “The bot duo has two, while the mid and jungle has three, but this is my first skin. I wanted it to be something special to me, so I chose Zac. I do think he’s special to me, and he also has very little skins. I came up with a fun recall animation, so I hope a lot of fans buy it.”

Top laner Lee “Duke” Ho-Seong was also put on the spot, but unlike the first two of his teammates, he elected not to reveal too much.

“At first I had about three in mind and wanted to ask for one of them to be chosen,” he said. “I ended up asking for a champion that I might like the most, Ekko, but I don’t know if it’ll be approved.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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