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ESC Ever’s Crazy went to high school during the off season.

ESC Ever’s top laner Kim “Crazy” Jae-Hee said Wednesday he attended high school during the League of Legends offseason.

In an interview with Daily eSports’ Nam Yun-Sung, Crazy said that in between practicing and time off, he joined some others in attending a local specialty high school.

“I mostly played solo queue, but my rank wasn’t that great,” he told Daily eSports. “I took both time off and time to practice. I also remember going to Ah-hyun High School. Every week, one or two people attended it, and this time I did as well. It was memorable.”

Crazy spoke after ESC Ever opened the KeSPA Cup with a 2-0 win against CJ Entus. He said his top lane Nautilus pick, something that hasn’t been seen in months in competitive play was influenced by his solo queue experience.

“If you look at our composition, we had a lot of fire power,” he said. “I thought it would be good for me to pick a champion that can tank while also having crowd control. I’ve used him in solo queue a couple of times and it survived well in lane and performed well when grouped with the team.”

With facing a newly rebuilt CJ, Crazy said that he took the match very seriously, but was able to play with much confidence.

“We played with the mindset of starting over,” he said. “We won in the finals of last year’s cup, and we did well since so I didn’t feel like I really needed to win. CJ has gone under some rebuilding, but I think all of their players are very talented.”

With powerhouses such as SK Telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy also participating in the tournament, Crazy shared that he wasn’t looking forward to facing them at any point, especially after seeing the two world finalists perform.

“I don’t have a team I want to face in quarters, but I have teams I want to avoid,” he said. “I saw the finals between SKT and Samsung and it was incredible. Due to seeding we’ll avoid KT Rolster and the ROX Tigers, so I want to avoid SKT and Samsung if all possible.”


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