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LCS owners send letter to Riot Games about concerns regarding relegation, financial stability and charter membership

Slingshot obtained Saturday a letter owners of the North American and European League of Legends Championship Series teams sent to Riot Games outlining their concerns and some suggestions for the future of the LCS.

The document, which is attached in its entirety below to be viewed, is addressed to Marc Merrill, Whalen Roselle, Jarred Kennedy, Jason Yeh and Brandon Beck. It addresses issues between the teams and Riot, and the owners outline six primary objectives they want to achieve.

The goal of the ongoing discussions held between the teams and Riot were meant to solve a number of serious problems the owners see with the current state of the LCS:

  1. The lack of job security, fair compensation and longer careers for players caused by insufficient compensation and relegation;
  2. The damage to the Teams’ ability to invest in LCS players caused by insufficient compensation and relegation;
  3. The weakening relationship between fans and LCS caused by relegation;
  4. The harm to Team sponsorships caused by relegation and LCS’ restrictions on sponsors;
  5. The effective elimination of the path to pro caused by the Teams’ need to redirect resources from LCS to Challenger as a result of insufficient compensation and relegation.
  6. The financial hardship suffered by the Teams caused by insufficient compensation paid to the teams.

The second part addresses Riot’s proposals to solve the problems, with the most notable part being that Riot will not address the issue of relegation in the North American LCS until at least 2018 and the European LCS until 2019.

screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-4-40-56-pm screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-4-39-04-pm

Finally, the letter addressed the teams’ response to Riot’s proposals, which outlined the teams’ beliefs that Riot’s proposals would not rectify the problems. The owners want to pause relegation and have a more lucrative financial compensation by team, though that is different among the North American and European leagues. They want to work together on merchandise sales and digital item revenue. Sponsorship and media revenue sharing would be off the table for 2017.
Screenshots of the document were used to outline the points, and the full document is available below. Slingshot, which obtained a draft of a letter that was eventually sent, could not confirm why Echo Fox was not included on this version of the document.
Riot Games did not respond to a request for comment.
Cover photo by Chris Yunker/flickr. Jarek Lewis also contributed to this report

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