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SSG Crown: “Everything became bothersome after worlds.”

Crown says Samsung Galaxy has a "zero percent" chance of winning the LCK in its current form.
Crown (Lee Min-ho) says Samsung Galaxy has a "zero percent" chance of winning the LCK (League Champions Korea) summer split in its current form.

For Samsung Galaxy’s hardworking mid laner Lee “Crown” Min-Ho, the post-League of Legends World Championship time has been restless.

After Samsung’s victory over Rising Star Gaming on Friday in the KeSPA Cup, Crown gave some insight on what he was doing after worlds and how he maintained to finish the 2016 season at the top of the rankings in an interview with Daily eSports’ Nam Yun-Sung.

“Everything became bothersome after worlds,” he said. “I didn’t want to drink or see anyone so I just kept playing. I also learned a lot as worlds came to an end. I felt that I needed to learn how to use and master more champions. So I practiced hard during my down time as well.”

On the topic of his fluctuating condition, Crown said that he did indeed “fail in conditioning,” but said that they could win because the “opponents weren’t that strong.”

Game 2 was certainly interesting for Crown as RSG banned out three mid laners, which was “disappointing” for Crown, who said he wanted to show a more diverse champion pool. Crown did have some interesting things to say about Syndra, a relatively new champion in his hands.

“I think she’s a very good champion, but she does have weaknesses,” he said. “I think it changes depending on who’s playing her. I think she’d be something else in the hands of (Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok) as opposed to mine.”

About the shaky showing from Game 2, Crown said that he could hear a lot of things going wrong, but still managed to pull through.

“I think everyone got too excited,” he said. “I kept hearing people throw the game here and there, but we managed to win since we were able to focus at the very end.”


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