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Deft’s mother writes heartfelt Facebook message to fans

Seo Jeong-mi, the mother of ex-EDward Gaming AD Carry Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu, left a touching thank you message to fans on Facebook.

Deft announced his parting with the team with the Demacia Cup being his last tournament on the Chinese squad, and as it came to a close, his mother also left a message of her own for Deft’s Chinese fans on Monday.

“Since Deft’s departure with EDG after two years, he has received such a large gift,” she wrote. “He is the winner of the 2016 Demacia Cup, as well as a recipient of the 2016’s best team, best AD Carry, and 2016’s MVP award. As a Korean player, being able to be the MVP in a Chinese region is a deeply meaningful. Both Deft and his teammates were able to return the love of the fans and the unwavering support from the team in the form of the Demacia Cup.”

She also seemed very moved by the fans’ support, remembering chants of Deft’s name and the immortalized moments of Deft’s final game in EDG.

“My son will forever remember the fans’ tearful goodbyes and final chants of his name Kim Hyuk-kyu, and he will use that memory as a power to move onwards in life,” She wrote. “I am thankful again and again to the fans who continue to post their own memories in the forms of videos and photos on Facebook.”

Her message wasn’t all about goodbyes, as she also mentioned that she will be communicating with Deft’s Chinese fans continuously to update them about her son’s whereabouts in life.

“I will also continue to communicate with fans and share news of Deft through Facebook,” she wrote. “My own Chinese vacation will also continue. Of course Chinese fans are always welcome when they come to Korea as well!

“To Deft fans! I hope that you continue to do what you are doing or find something that you can truly enjoy,” she wrote. “I wish you all good health and happiness.”


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