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Peanut: “The loss at worlds was disappointing. I made some mistakes because I was both physically and mentally fatigued by Game 5.”

ROX tigers mid laner Lindarang left Thursday's LCK match because of an apparent illness.
ROX tigers mid laner Lindarang left Thursday's League Champions Korea (LCK) match because of an apparent illness.

Han “Peanut” Wang-ho showed his characteristically aggressive jungling style but admitted afterward he took it to another level.

During a quarterfinal win against the Jin Air Green Wings in the KeSPA Cup on Monday, Peanut seemed to be having fun back in his home region, scoring heaps of solo kills. In an interview with OSEN’s Shin Yeon-jae, he said the build wasn’t really the plan.

“Even during scrims I like to play aggro, but I usually cap my items at two damage items,” he said. “This is the first time I’ve gone for such an aggressive build. It was a lot of fun.”

The ROX Tigers did drop Game 2, and according to Peanut, it all came down to one mistake and the snowball that ensued afterwards.

“A small mistake became a snowball,” he said. “The biggest problems were when Miss Fortune got caught out around the Blue Buff, and when Syndra started a team fight while holding a lot of gold.”

In a twist of fate, ROX will be facing SK Telecom T1 in another semifinal like they did at the League of Legends World Championship. Peanut reflected on the worlds stage but remained confident in their coming match.

“The loss at worlds was disappointing,” he said. “I made some mistakes because I was both physically and mentally fatigued by Game 5. I think I’ll be able to play this match against SKT with less pressure like I did for the KeSPA Cup quarterfinals.”


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