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Wolf’s Twitter account is a gift

Not many League Champions Korea players have a Twitter account. Many don’t use Twitter all that much even if they do have an account, and in the case of MVP’s Ahn “Ian” Jun-hyung and Kim “Beyond” Kyu-seok have less than 500 followers. But SK Telecom T1’s star support Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan has been on active on twitter quite some time, and it is a gift to fans.

Most recently, Wolf had two Periscope sessions for fans on his way home from PC bangs, saying that he wanted company on the way during the late night. The second one was after a session at the PC bang as he titled it; “On my way to sleep.” The only interesting context was that he was going to sleep at 7 a.m. in Korea.

The way in which he interacts with fans comes across as genuine, and his bumbling through the use of Periscope (“what an un-polite app this is,”) only serves to be another reason to like him. Wolf’s charm has always been how likable and relatable he is, and in a way, he’s making a brand for himself using social media.

Another time when Wolf was receiving the adulation of fans was when the video of the custom recall animation of SKT Alistar became viral. It could have been an interesting inside joke of how and where the chair came from. instead the fans got to see a world class professional gamer act goofy. The air around Wolf isn’t quite the same as Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok or even his lane partner Bae “Bang” Jun-sik, an air of someone who is quite aloof. Wolf is his own unique blend of professional and nerdy that people find to be endearing.

What makes him even more of a good ambassador for SKT is his polite nature. Most, if not all of his tweets, are formatted in polite language when addressing his fans, wishing them good health during the cold winter (which gave him a cold) and also wishing luck to the thousands of Korean students that have recently gone through their college exams.

On top of everything, he also loves food. So much so that Wolf seems to be synonymous with food. Korean publications have asked him what he thought about American food during their journey in worlds. Perhaps to live up to that image, Wolf also spends a lot of his time tweeting pictures of delicious food he eats (“I actually finished all that,”) and at times would share pictures of food to fans to “taunt” fans into being hungry late at night.

SKT is many things to fans. A dynasty, the untouchable kings of League, and they are automatically placed on a pedestal that makes them something more than just a group of young men who are good at playing video games.

Wolf is more of a rock for SKT. The relatable, likable player that will always remind fans that even pros like to be human once in a while.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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