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Inside meme: Moses says be on the lookout for bird references during ELEAGUE


Jason “Moses” O’Toole says to be on the lookout for obscure bird references during ELEAGUE broadcasts.

Moses, the veteran Counter-Strike desk analyst, said during ELEAGUE Group B that his desk mate Duncan “Thorin” Shields will make occasional bird references during broadcasts, an inside joke between the duo and host Richard Lewis that bore from a laughable moment seemingly nobody picked up on.

“There’s one actual meme that we have that we always joke about behind the scenes, me, Richard and Duncan,” Moses told Slingshot. “For whatever reason, we’re always amazed it never caught on, that nobody clipped it or anything. It was a segment where there was just a massive blowout, one of the games, and no one really had anything to say about it. You could tell we were starting to run out of steam during the analysis portion. And Richard said something like, ‘They certainly didn’t live up to the billing.’ And Duncan just goes, ‘If you want something that has a big billing, how about a pelican?’ And it was like the dumbest joke ever. And you hear immediately the producers in our ear going, ‘Alright, they’ve got nothing. Just go to commercial as fast as possible.’ And ever since then, every once in a while, Duncan will sneak a bird joke into whatever he’s saying, just randomly. So that’s funny. That’s kind of a long-term one. Since no one caught it, he just throws bird jokes in there. I think he said something about Shazam being an owl at some point, which is just insane. So yeah, look out for bird jokes, I guess.”

So be on the lookout for bird jokes during the ELEAGUE analyst desk. Heck, they even might make a graphic at some point, though I doubt it comes close to the hilarity of Thorin eating his words when it came to compLexity in Season 1.

(To read the full interview with Moses, click here).

Cover photo courtesy of turner Sports/ELEAGUE


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