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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on this’ is a short and regular opinion blast


I’ve been watching Has since 2013 so I was shocked when there were multiple upvoted comments on reddit with people suspecting Has of matchfixing. Have you fucking seen Has play? I’m likely his biggest fan and even I know and admit his macro is the worst (not some of, I actually think the worst) of any professional SC2 player in the last 3 years of play. Has is a player who completely falls apart in the mid game and then falls apart harder in the late game. Even with a lead that large, if you were to ask me the odds of Has winning, I’d still give Maru a 50% chance to win because I know Has. He can’t handle it. If it was just one game that would be one thing, but Has has made an entire career of bungling macro games even into the early mid game portions of a game. That throw is completely in character of who he is.

It’s similar to the MarineKing throw in Proleague where everyone was certain that he was matchfixing. The only person who wasn’t was me because I had watched MarineKing play for years and a cynical part of me could remember multiples games where Marineking did similarly stupid actions. At that point his his career, I could actually think Marineking was dumb enough and not aware enough to not look at the minimap.

Some players are really that bad.


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