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Wolf writes, then deletes, goodbye message to Bengi on Twitter

The departure of SK Telecom T1’s veteran jungler has impacted Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan in a personal way.

wolf-on-bengi-or-dukeFollowing SKT’s announcement that it would not re-sign Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong, Wolf shared his thoughts and feelings about SKT’s oldest team member on Twitter in a series of tweets (that have since been removed).

“I met him first at the Inven broadcasting building in 2012 as an amateur and then just kind of got along after I joined SKT in 2013, but we started to get along very well like real brothers since the teams were merged,” he wrote. “If either of us got sick we would joke that it’s because of weak mental strength, if we make mistakes, we’d joke that it’s age catching up to us, and he would also have one bite of whatever I buy for him and then throw it away because he didn’t like it. He would act as if being older was important, but when I would come to ask him a favor as a junior, he would still do all of the favors, pretending that he had no choice. Then he would work hardest on the team. Since he doesn’t use Twitter I’ll (jokingly roast) him here.”

The final words from Wolf to Bengi was a poetic mix of concern and deep caring.

“As a person he’s so unaware to the point of idiocy, and because he keeps giving to people without thinking about what’s best for himself so I worry he that has a high chance of getting scammed,” he continued. “For someone who is suspicious of everyone, he still strangely tries to believe in anyone. He would keep mentioning that he’s older and that ‘back in his day’ things were different and that he was an old man, but he would still be so nice to his juniors. They say that we are all equals as teammates, but he was such an important figure to the team. I just hope he doesn’t get scammed in future.”


Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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