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Gla1ve on advancing in ELEAGUE playoffs and getting another shot at SK

Slingshot’s Vince Nairn caught up with Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander after Astralis’ 2-1 win against Ninjas in Pyjamas at the ELEAGUE quarterfinals. They talked about finally getting past NiP, the stressful third map and what to expect against SK Gaming in the semifinals.

Vince Nairn: Beating NiP has been a problem for Astralis for a while, even though I know you just recently joined the team. Still, what was it like to be a part of ending that drought?

Lukas “Gla1ve” Rossander: It’s a better question for the other guys because they know what it’s been like losing to them. Of course I’ve lost against them before, but I feel like we are just a better team (now) when we play against them. They are, of course, an amazing team, and they just won IEM Oakland. But I believe we are the better team.

VN: What kind of emotion did you sense from the other guys when you got the last round and took the win?

LR: I could just feel how happy the team was. I was really happy as well because we want to just prove ourselves all the time. We have been on this journey for one month now and we’ve been working really hard. It’s nice to succeed.

VN: Take me through the match. What were you guys feeling, especially as the third map started to tighten?

LR: Actually, the first map went pretty bad. We should have won that map, to be honest. We just didn’t play Cobblestone enough. It was really a lot of roller coaster emotions because I got tilted on the first map, but the guys calmed me down right after the game. They told me to focus on the next two maps, and they were 100 percent right. I know I can tilt too much sometimes if we lose on stupid mistakes — even if we haven’t practiced a map too much. But that’s how it is. I’m just glad we won

VN: The third map when they started to make their comeback, what did you do to kind of refocus, if that was necessary?

LR: Our T side on Overpass is just really good. So when we were 9-9, we were like, “This is our game. Of course we are going to win this. We always win it on T side.” I think the last time we played them on Overpass, in ECS league, they got eight or seven rounds as T side, and we still won 16-9, 16-11 or something like that. So I know what we are capable of on T side, so I was just happy when we got that amazing start to the map.

VN: You guys are going up against SK, who you’ve become quite familiar with the last few weeks. You played them here in groups. You played them at IEM Oakland. What do you expect from them again?

LR: Of course, we are going to change some small things. Of course, we are trying to play our own game as we did last time. I think we were pretty close to beating them, or at least play a draw with them. I believe if we just have a little bit more luck and we just play our own game, keep calm, we are able to beat them.

VN: Obviously you don’t want to give away any specific tactics or anything, but you guys played them better on Train last time (at IEM Oakland) than anyone has played them on that map in the last six months. Did you gain any confidence from that in case you end up on Train against them again?

LR: Yeah. I hope they pick Train, to be honest, because it’s a really good map for us. I know it’s a good map for them as well, but of course we have to play our best maps. We’re a new team. We didn’t play all the maps yet. I think we need to just play our best map, and if they pick our best map, that’s just fine for us, even though they are really good on it as well.

VN: We talked a few weeks ago and you were still very new on the team, and that’s still true. But do you feel it getting any easier or that you are making progress the more time you spend with everyone?

LR: It’s new, both socially and in-game. We are learning a lot of things about each other every day both out of the game and in game. I believe that the more we play, the better we will get. Of course, you get really good in the beginning because you have a lot of new things you can get into the team and try and fit. Right now, when we go home, we need to improve a lot and practice a lot and implement some new things.

VN: Are you enjoying your extended stay in America, ging from Atlanta to Oakland and back here?

LR: Yeah. It’s tough sometimes. This is my longest trip, It hink. But I like it. I love to play CS and I like being with this team, and I just love to succeed, and that’s what we are doing right now. I just believe so much in this team.

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