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MaRin leaves LGD, wants to keep playing in Korea

One of the world’s best top laners has left China.

China’s LGD Gaming announced the departure of Jang “MaRin” Gyeong-hwan through Weibo on Sarturday, reflecting that the organization respected MaRin’s wish to return to Korea, according to a report by Fomos’ Park Sang-jin. This was followed by MaRin’s own announcement of departure on Weibo as well. LGD’s announcement reflected that the organizations

“First I’d like to thank my teammates and the LGD family that liked and supported me,” he wrote. “When I first decided to go to China with big ambitions and dreams, my passion was too much that I am personally hurt and disappointed of my lack luster performance this past year. I am also sorry for the fans who expected more of me. However my passion as a player is not dead, so I still wish to show my best performances and results in future, and it is regrettable that LGD will not be that stage. I also won’t be able to forget the fans in China as well.”

Although it is clear that MaRin wants to keep playing on stage, he didn’t make clear what region he was willing to jump to, only that he will continue.

“Since this is a decision I have made after long consideration, I hope (the fans) continue to support me,” he continued. I want to say thank you again. With the weather getting colder I hope everyone keeps warm and has an eye out for both myself and LGD. I will show performances that fans would be embarrassed for supporting. I was thankful, and I still am.”

MaRin was a part of the SK Telecom T1 team in the 2015 season, making him a one time world champion before his departure to China. He impressed many fans not only through impressive mechanics, but also showed leadership qualities in shot calling and carrying performances.


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