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Some Rascal Stole Summoner Name Being “Given” to SKT Peanut

There were some funny consequences to SK Telecom T1 signing on their new jungler, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho.

A user on Inven posted on the League of Legends community board claiming to be the owner to the summoner name “SKT Peanut” on Saturday and intended to change it in order for the actual professional to claim his own title. In the post, the Inven user claimed to choose the name in hopes one day Peanut would join SKT in future, and that Peanut had already added the user on League of Legends as a friend and contacted them about the name.

About 10 minutes later the Inven user uploaded the conversation with Peanut regarding the name, in which Peanut said he would gift the new Elementalist Lux skin to the user as a thank you. The Inven user would later confirm in the comments receiving the newest ultimate skin and changed the summoner name so it could be opened up for Peanut.

But the original owner made the mistake of posting the time of the name change in an online public forum. And at the promised time of 7 p.m. local time, someone took the name before Peanut could claim it.

The original owner was then lambasted by comments for sharing sensitive information such as the time of the transaction, effectively creating the possibility of someone waiting for the name and taking it for themselves. In an effort to say sorry, the original owner posted on Inven and fully intends to reimburse Peanut for the skin and the champion, a total of 40,000 Won (about $35).

This gesture would then be declined by Peanut and that he would talk with the new owner of the desired summoner name. The original owner would make his final post to apologize.

The name allegedly has been claimed by someone who posted about on another online commninity forum, DC Inside, with screen shots, but has not been confirmed.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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