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Roundup of comical OGN interviews from League of Legends AllStars

With the Allstars event going on in Barcelona, the Korean representatives are taking a bit of a lighter approach, with many of them saying that their goal is to have fun. Of course, leave it to OGN to take that and make it into a whole theme for various interviews, especially after the roster shuffle of 2016.

To any of the readers who missed out on these juicy, juicy interactions, here are the best of the best so far.


Faker and Smeb aren’t best friends?!

(In front of Barcelona’s famous Sagrada Familia, Faker is busy having his picture taken while Smeb is relegated to the side lines.)

Smeb: It’s, it’s because I’m busy.


(About the fact that Faker and Smeb are out and about together for sight seeing.)

Smeb: We’re best friends you know.

Faker: We’re not best friends. Just friends.


Friendship destruction interview with PraY and Bengi! (hosted by Smeb)

Smeb: This’ll be the last time we’ll play as allies on the same team you know? Do you have any feelings about it?

PraY: You worked really hard for two years, and you are certainly my friend but…you’re an enemy next season. So, no mercy.


Smeb: This is also the last time Bengi and Faker will be on the same team. Any thoughts?

Bengi: We played together for four torturous years, and now to think that it’ll be all over, I feel I’m lifting a weight off my shoulders.


These are a small portion of a continuing series, and I’ll be sure to post more here on my blog! Keep in touch, and I’ll be sure to share what fire the players spit at each other.


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