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“World’s best Zarya” Geguri talks about her path into professional Overwatch on Twitter

Blizzard MLG Overwatch

Professional female Overwatch player Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon almost gave up on her journey going pro after some harsh criticism.

The Korean professional had a brief “Ask Me Anything” on her Twitter profile, taking some questions from fans and giving her reactions on them. One of the topics covered the “first harsh criticism” she received while playing Overwatch, which nearly ended her Overwatch career.

“I was told by a McCree on my team that I should quit because I wasn’t worthy of my rank of play (around when I was level 40),” she wrote. “I was playing Zarya, and I was so discouraged that I seriously considered quitting, but kept playing until 3 a.m. because I didn’t want to give up, and that’s when I got matched up with big sis Jang Ji-soo and a new world opened up in front of me.”

Geguri made quite the name for herself, as she’s commonly referred to as the “World’s best Zarya” due to her insane mechanical play and 80 percent win rate. She was then accused of cheating by other Korean Overwatch pros. Geguri would go to completely dispel all doubt by performing at the Inven Broadcasting Center, confirming her skills in front of the world.

Jang “Akaros” Ji-soo is known as one of the most talented Genji players from Korea, and like Geguri, now a female professional Overwatch player. This fated meeting between the two would kick start Geguri’s determination.

“I’ve never seen such amazing players before, and in the first time in my life I sent a friend request, and she accepted,” she continued. “That’s how Geguri’s journey began.”

This connection with Akaros would then translate into an invitation for Geguri to play with a team. When Geguri first received the invitation, she didn’t expect any grandiose outcome in her life.

“When I was first invited to join the team, I thought it was a game clan,” she wrote. “Are they doing local tournaments for small winnings? (Haha) this is great! Now that I’m in a clan I thought I would just start making a lot more friends in game.”

The team that Geguri was invited to was Team Artisan, now acquired by EHOME, a Chinese organization that already has a professional Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offesive team.


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