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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a regular and short opinion piece

I’ll do these every once in a while when I remember. The premise is pointing out weird fan tendencies that happen every once in a while. There are certain fans where it’s all or nothing. Either you think the team/player is the best or you think they are shit, there is no in-between. This happens in every game. It happened in CS:GO after OpTic won VP and some OpTic fans spammed how they were now the best in the world and anyone who disagreed must be a hater. This happened in League of Legends when Thorin wrote about CLG’s run through 2016 and contextualizing their greatness. This was taken as an insult by TSM fans who assumed he was talking down TSM’s team. (Hilariously, TSM then lost out in group stages of Worlds). This happened when I did a GOAT SC2 piece and didn’t have either sOs or Parting on it and people assumed I hated them. (In actuality, both are two of my favorite players but since I stuck to my criteria I couldn’t rank them higher than I did at the time.)

When someone is making an argument about your favorite team or player, listen. Really listen.Don’t just find opinions that agree with yours and call everyone else a hater. Finding different opinions that are well argued can make you rethink a team and gain an appreciation for your game or player or teams. In a way, I think assuming your favorite team or player is the best devalues their achievements. I have never denied all of the problems Mvp had, I embraced them. He won despite all of the failings, despite the injuries, despite his weakness and that elevates him to a greater plane of achievement than if I blindly ignored all of his failings.


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