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Reignover on returning to Spain, his future, and Huni

Reignover is very happy to be back in Europe, albeit for a short event tournament.

Day two of the League of Legends AllStars tournament has come to a close. After the games, Immortals’ now former jungler Kim “Reignover” Eui-jin said that he was very happy to be back in Spain since his time with Fnatic in an interview with Inven’s Park Beom.

“I’ve been to Spain before to compete as a member of Fnatic,” he said. “The audience is very passionate here so it’s a fond memory of mine. When I heard this year’s AllStars was going to take place in Spain, I was very happy. On my return, I was able to confirm the passion that Spanish fans have for the game. It feels great and I’m very thankful.”

Many fans are of course wondering where Reignover might head next since his departure from North America’s Immortals. Although he couldn’t share details, he said that he will be taken care of.

“I’ve currently finalized a very good deal with a new team,” he said. “I can’t do into details though, since it’s not quite official yet. As I move to a new team with good compensation, I will work hard to meet the expectations of the fans and the team. I feel competing at an international tournament will be the most important.”

Another former member of the Immortals, Heo “Huni” Seung-hun has recently been signed on by Korea’s SK Telecom T1. Reignover said that he would have liked to keep playing with his old teammate, but it didn’t happen.

“I am obviously very disappointed,” he said on the topic of parting ways with Huni. “I was thinking hard what other ways I could keep playing with him, but I couldn’t make it happen. But I think it’s good that the both of us will be going to good teams. It would be best if we could prove that we can still perform well even though we aren’t on the same team.

“We worked together for two years, and we became very close. He says that I helped him out many times, but in reality I also received a lot of help from him and I’m very thankful for it. He carried me. Of course I plan to continue and be a close friend by interacting with him in future. I expect we’ll also exchange info, although I feel like I will be¬†looking for more info than he will. I know it must be pressuring to join a team like SKT, but I hope he works hard like he’s always done and becomes the best top laner in Korea.”


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