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Peacemaker leaves NRG, Gaming marathon at White House, Riot removes Latin American casters

Our top stories from the weekend:

Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu is out as coach and general manager of NRG.

An interview with Counter-Strike caster Anders Blume from ELEAGUE.

How Finn “Karrigan” Andersen became a perfect fit with Astralis.

Highlights from interviews with PraY, Reignover and Faker given in Korean press.

Two Korean League of Legends players have joined a top Turkish team.

A huge set of data for ECS Season 2 Finals from Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen.

The White House is hosting a competitive gaming marathon to encourage people to sig up for health care.

Best from around the web:

League of Legends

Riot Games removed its Latin American casters from the AllStar event after they made racist comments on air.

Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage is joining Misfits.

The growth rate for worlds is shrinking.

A playlist of interviews from the AllStar event in Barcelona, Spain.

CJ Entus has signed Winged and Pure.

Juan Arturo “Contractz” Garcia has reportedly signed with Cloud9.

Facts and figures for League of Legends AllStars.

An interview with Martin “rekkles” Larsen from AllStars.

Dota 2

Valve announced the next Major will be in Kiev, Ukraine, in April.Interviews with Clinton “fear” Loomis and Tal “Fly” Aizik from The Boston Major.


Group press interviews with Cloud9 and SK Gaming before the ECS Season 2 LAN Finals.

Interviews with Dev1ce, NBK and Karrigan from ECS.

Other games

Thijs Molendijk won perhaps the strangest Hearthstone event of the year.

FC St. Gallen signed a FIFA player, becoming the first Swiss sports team to enter esports.



The Boston Major (Dota 2)


Evil Geniuses 2:0

OG 2:1 WarriorGamesUnity

Digital Chaos 2:0 Team NP

Ad Finem 2:1 LGD Forever Young

Esports Championship Series Season 2 Finals (CSGO)

Group A

Astralis 1:0 OpTic (16-7)

FaZe Clan 1:0 Cloud9 (16-6)

Astralis 1:0 OpTic (16-3)

Group B

Dignitas 1:0 SK Gaming (16-7)

EnVyUs 1:0 Immortals (22-19)

EnVyUs 1:0 Dignitas (16-3)

League of Legends Allstars

LMS All Stars 1:0 NA All Stars

EU All Stars 1:0 IWC All Stars

LPL All Stars 1:0 LCK All Stars


The Boston Major (Dota 2)


OG 2:0 Evil Geniuses

Ad Finem 2:0 Digital Chaos

Grand final

OG 3:1 Ad Finem

Esports Championship Series Season 2 Finals (CSGO)

Group A

OpTic 2:1 Cloud9 (8-16, 16-12, 19-17)

OpTic 2:1 FaZe (16-10, 15-19, 16-4)

Group B

SK Gaming 2:0 Immortals (16-9, 16-14)

SK Gaming 2:1 Dignitas (16-9, 7-16, 16-10)

League of Legends Allstars

LCK All Stars 1:0 EU All Stars

Team Fire 1:0 Team Ice

LMS All Stars vs. IWC All Stars

Team Ice 1:0 Team Fire

NA All Stars 1:0 LPL All Stars


Esports Championship Series Season 2 Finals (CSGO)


OpTic 2:0 EnVyUs (16-3, 16-12)

Astralis 2:0 SK Gaming (16-9, 16-4)

Grand final

Astralis 2:0 OpTic (16-6, 16-11)

League of Legends Allstars

Team Fire 2:2 Team Ice


(All times Eastern)



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