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Difference between praise, criticism and shit talk

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a regular and short opinion piece

After a flurry of random OpTic fans tweeting at Moses, I thought it was time to help them and other fans differentiate what the terms praise, criticism and shit talk are (or at least what I believe them to be). Praise is when you look at a team/player, look at what they’ve done and acknowledge their results and why and how they are doing it. It isn’t to slavishly hype them to the moon. You don’t need to be super hyped about a player/team to acknowledge how well they are doing in game.

Criticism is pointing out a weakness or flaw in a player/team. It doesn’t matter if the team/player is winning if the weakness is obvious. I’ll take an example from SC2 so that no fans get offended. I’ll talk about Marineking, whose legacy has been largely thought of differently despite being one of the best players in early WoL. Marineking at the height of his power in 2012 was still a player with really obvious weaknesses.┬áNotably, they were lack of scouting and gambly overgreedy builds that should have been punished, but no one ever did until Symbol.

Shit talk is a can actually use both praise and criticism, but is usually used in a humorous way to joke at a player’s performance. SmithZz ironically wrote an entire blog that I’d consider shit talk, unfortunately it was aimed at himself. Here is a personal example is how I shit talk MarineKing. MarineKing was so good at mechanics and micro that no one really was a brainless cyborg he really was. Well actually, that’s insulting to cyborgs since we have to presume they have enough intelligence to read a map. By the end of his career, Marineking was so bad, even his most ardent fans weren’t sure if he was matchfixing or just actually that bad. The word trash isn’t enough to describe his play, he wasn’t just trash, he was that disgusting filthy rancid water that leaks out from the bottom of the black plastic bag that made you think not even the Ganges river could be that disgusting.

That’s shit talk.


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