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LOD on game changes: “It seems like as an AD Carry I get to play the game less and less.”

The starting AD Carry for Dignitas Benjamin “LOD” deMunck has been present in many North American teams, subbing for Team Dragon Knights, Echo Fox, and NRG. He saw more regular play as a member of Team EnVyUs for the North American League Championship Series’ 2016 summer split, and now he will replacing Apollo “Apollo” Price on Dignitas.

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim had the chance to talk with LOD about the move and his expectations or 2017.

Andrew Kim: You decided make your move to Dignitas after a very varied career in NA. You played with Renegades, Echo Fox, NRG, and other teams. How did you reach to the decision of signing with Dignitas?

Benjamin “LOD” deMunck: It was a couple things. I really liked NV as an org, and I liked all the players on the team, and it was good. It was really good for my first LCS split, but if you look at the second half of our split, we kind of went downhill. I felt like we had some issues meshing as a team and I kind of wanted a new environment, so then Dignitas approached me and after looking at the players, the staff they got, the infrastructure they had, the backing from the 76ers, all of it kind of came together and made a really appealing offer. And so, I kind of just decided based on all that to join DIG.


AK: My understanding is that the whole team is in Korea right now for boot camp before the spring split starts in North America. How has your boot camp experience been so far?

BdM: I’ve only been here a day so far but it has been really cool so far. Even just playing Korean solo queue has been eye-opening. I’ve been playing such a long time, I never really got a chance to play on the Korean server. I’ve only ever gotten to hear about it. Right away, in my first game I noticed a difference. The level of play is much higher here. The culture is much different. Just everything is much different, and it’s different in a good way, I think.

AK: The newly formed Dignitas will be getting support from the 76ers, which is a big NBA organization, so have you felt a big difference playing for NV and then moving to Dignitas? Have you felt like somethings are different or even better?

BdM: I was happy with my previous experiences as well. I haven’t really been on Dignitas too long, I mean the staff and owners, the managers, everyone seems really friendly and everyone seems to have their stuff together. It’s not like crazy different. I think NV was really good as well.

AK: What are some of the goals you have for yourself going into the 2017 spring split?

BdM: It’s kind of hard because we haven’t really played together yet as a team. My personal goal is to get a gold medal. I want to win LCS and I want to try and cement myself as a top AD Carry in NA because I always felt like I could be, but I just never really got an opportunity. So I think this split is it for me. I want to for sure get top three and in general this season I want to make worlds. That’s my goal.

AK: With the NA LCS rosters being locked in, or almost all of them, is there a team that you’re cautious about or a team you want to go up against?

BdM: Not really. I don’t really care which team we play. I actually just want to play all the teams. Every team made pretty big roster changes except for CLG, I think, so it’s going to be a completely new experience playing against everybody. We have like C9C entering the LCS, taking NRG’s spot as well so, there’s no team specifically that I want to play against. Just in general I want to see how all the teams are.

AK: There have been some big changes for the next season after the worlds patch, with plants, new jungle mobs, and though it doesn’t impact laning that much there have been a couple of ups and downs. Have you felt any big differences as whole? What are your opinions on these big changes?

BdM: It seems like as an AD Carry I get to play the game less and less. Plants feel like they could have been in the game the entire time. Everyone’s freaking out about them but it’s such a small change and it’s like, they’re on such a high cool down as well. Sometimes they allow for some cool escapes or chases or whatever, but they feel fine. They’re not a real difference maker. I think in general, though, with the mastery updates and the item rework with assassins and stuff, they made it really frustrating to play AD right now. It feels like the worst role.

AK: When you say you play less and less, does it have to do with masteries or something else?

BdM: I just feel like as an AD Carry my impact on the game is the least of all the carry roles. I’ll be Level 4 getting ganked by a Level 6 jungler. It’s like there’s three solo lanes that I have to compete against to try to carry, and they they come online more quickly, they have better itemization, and there’s tanks that can just run me over with courage shields, stuff like that. Or a Riven with a courage shield and there’s very little I can do. It almost feels like you need six core before you can actually carry as an AD, so it’s kind of frustrating, and your laning phase is not even dependent on you and your support. It’s how well your team sets you up to do well. I can completely out play a lane, but then if they dive me on like a stacked wave or something, then all my advantages are gone really quickly, something like that. It’s kind of annoying, but that’s about it. I think a lot of the changes were good for Season 7 as well.

Cover photo courtesy of Team Dignitas