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Smeb: “Right now the teams I’m looking out for are SKT, Afreeca, Longzhu, and Samsung.”

KT Rolster Pawn
KT Rolster

KT Rolster’s new top laner Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho said that heading into 2017, he’s looking out for two teams that have gone through massive rebuilds and two teams that remain mostly the same in a video interview with Daily eSports.

“Right now the teams I’m looking out for are SKT, Afreeca, Longzhu, and Samsung,” he said. “Those four teams. For players, I’m keeping an eye out for the recently returned MaRin (Jang Gyeong-hwan) and Huni (Heo Seung-hoon).”

With the meta again in flux in preparation of the new season since the world championships, the top lane has also been a resurgence in tanks. Smeb said that he’s been practicing the expected role but also one specific champion as well.

“Right now the meta is favoring tanks some more, so I’ve been practicing mostly tanks,” he said. “Camille recently just came out and she’s definitely a fun and flashy champion, so I’ve been practicing her too.”

In regards to getting used to a new team after his time with the ROX Tigers, some fans were concerned about his adjustment period, but he seems to be settling in nicely.

“I’ve been a pro gamer for a while and most of the times I was the youngest on the team,” he said. “After being right in the middle with ROX for a bit and having a nice mix of both older and younger players, I don’t feel uncomfortable right now.”

Finally, Smeb talked about the singular goal that he and the rest of the team were working towards.

“The goal right now is of course to win,” he said. “Everyone on the team is practicing with that in mind, so I think we all collectively have the will power to win. We’re also a team that was built with a lot of attention surrounding it, so I want to show good performances that live up to expectations.”


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