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WESA reportedly going exclusive in 2018, ESL Pro League on YouTube, Weldon to G2

Our top stories from the weekend:

The ESL Pro League will be exclusively streamed on YouTube this year.

The Professional Esports Association suspended its plan for a Counter-Strike league.

The rise and fall of the Fnatic empire

MadLife added to the “Legend of Faker” with a story from League of Legends All-Stars.

Expession said the jungle itself should be nerfed instead of individual champions.

Best from around the web:

League of Legends

The groups for the European LCS have reportedly been set.

Riot Games confirmed FlyQuest as the 10th North American LCS team.

An interview with Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng.

Analyzing the new pick and ban system.

A look back at Longzhu’s failings and the Korean region in 2016.

Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black said he doesn’t think Doublelift will make it back to the LCS.

Team Liquid coach David Lim said that Austin “Link” Shin will share a starting role this season.

Weldon Green joined G2 as an assistant coach.

Dota 2

A look at Digital Chaos reigning supreme at ESL One Genting.


Richard Lewis reported on the World Esports Association’s plans for its teams to go exclusive in 2018, which WESA (kind of) denied.

TyLoo has removed two players, suspended one and fired its coach.

Canadian player Warren “Hades” Redditch has been accused of “LAN dodging” The World Esports Games.

HLTV’s Top 20 players of 2016 continues with No. 13: KennyS.

Rogus won the ESEA Season 23 Global Challenge.


Reunited has swapped two players on its roster.

A look at Renegades’ dominance at the Winter Premiere.

Other Games

Hearthstone’s Classic set could lose some cards in the next rotation.

Genvid showcased interactive esports streaming at CES.

NRG won its second Smite World Championship.

Super Smash Bros player James “Duck” Ma left Denial because of money he was owed, though he was eventually paid.



ESL One Genting (Dota 2)

Group A

Team YP 2:0 Fnatic


ESL One Genting (Dota 2)

Group A 2:0 Team NP

Group B

Execration 2:1 WarriorsGaming Unity

Wings 2:0 Execration


Digital Chaos 2:0


ESL One Genting (Dota 2)

NewBee 2:1 Wings

Grand final

Digital Chaos 3:2 NewBee


(All times Eastern)



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