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LCK adds two title sponsors for spring split

LCK final
Tickets for the LCK final sold out in a day

Riot Games announced Friday the spring split of the 2017 League Champions Korea season will have two title sponsors; the Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical Company and Xenics, a gaming electronics company.

Riot wrote in the announcement that “many brands have been showing an interest in LoL esports, and especially in sponsoring the LCK,” and it made the decision to go with two title sponsorships after a long negotiation process.

This marks the first time in Korea that multiple title sponsors have decided to back an esports event, perhaps finding great marketing value using the popularity of the LCK.

The announcement further stated that Riot doesn’t believe that they “need to be bogged down with the formalities” that come with a title sponsorship, though it didn’t offer any more specifics.


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