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Immortals’ Cody Sun on problems with AD Carry and a lack of synergy with Olleh

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim caught up with Immortals’ Li “Cody Sun” Yu Sun after a 2-0 loss to Team SoloMid on Sunday in the North American League Championship Series.

Andrew Kim: The early game of the last game you played, Immortals seemed to have it on lock down. Why do you think you lost the momentum in the late game?

Li “Cody Sun” Yu Sun: I think we’re just a fairly new team right now. In terms of coordinating in the late game, I think it was mostly in the mid game where we fell behind and that was due to getting caught and not being in the right places. In the middle parts of the game and towards the later parts, everyone on your team needs to be coordinated and needs to know their job in certain situations or for a play to happen. For example, if your top is split pushing and you need to fall back mid, or vice versa. I think we’re a new team. We still need to clean those mistakes.

AK: Despite the loss of the match, you had some impressive performances, especially as Caitlyn. How did you think it went?

LYS: The Caitlyn game was just Olleh (Kim Joo-sung) playing Morgana, and he had some really good bindings in lane and had some really good engages in game. That got me far ahead. After I got the advantage, I played it safe around me and just wave clearing. You don’t really want to throw your advantage, and then we went to late game. I think right now both teams don’t really know how to utilize their leads very effectively because it’s the beginning of the split. I think mostly the game is going to go to the late game, and in the late game AD Carry. Do a lot of damage.

AK: As an up-and-comer from the Challenger scene, you have a lot of attention of you. Do you find that to be a source of pressure?

LYS: No, I don’t really feel too much pressure. As long as I do my job for the team, that’s how I really need to do. I want to perform really well and show people that I can compete in the highest level in my role. It will just take a long time because Olleh and I don’t have much synergy. There are sometimes when I want to play a certain way, but just because we don’t have that synergy yet we can’t really do that. I think given time, I can show more consistent and better performances.

AK: What are your thoughts about where the AD Carry position is right now?

LYS: I think the AD Carry position is pretty weak this season. I think it’s just gotten weaker and weaker as time went on. Just like making it so no one buys the Ghostblade anymore, I didn’t really like that too much. I think the itemization rework was not ideal as well. I hope they make some changes either to the itemization, which a lot of people think is the biggest thing that can bring ADs to more inline with the other roles, or just buff certain ADs. For competitive, only the utility ADs are at the top; Ashe, Varus, only those two. And they only press R.

AK: If you could nerf a role, what position would you nerf right now?

LYS: I think the most obvious one that most people would say would be the jungle, but I think in solo queue the jungle is probably still the best role in the game and has the biggest impact. But in competitive, it still has the biggest impact, but it’s not as bad as it is in solo queue. Probably I think just nerf the tanks. Probably Colossus or the tank items. I think tanks are too strong right now.

AK: We’ve seen a lot of pros talking about injuries. As a pro, I’m sure you’re cognizant of the risk of injury. Have you experienced any pain? If you don’t, do you take preventative measures?

LYS: I always try to do hand exercises whenever I remember to do them. I definitely try pretty hard to take care of my wrists because they’re important, just do like some hand exercises, and I don’t have too many problems right now.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games