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RUBINO: “We have lost four of six pistol rounds, I think, so it’s ridiculous.”

Slingshot’s Vince Nairn caught up with North’s Ruben “RUBINO” Villareal after their win against G2 on Wednesday to improve to 2-2 and stay alive at the ELEAGUE Major.

Vince Nairn: You live to survive another match today. What was your mentality coming in today against G2?

Ruben “RUBINO” Villarreal: Well, my mentality has been real good. We haven’t been playing so well, but I think everything has been individually. I don’t know why because we had a boot camp prior to this event played like 10 hours a day, practiced a lot. We felt really prepared and when we came here, something felt off. Right now it seems like we are getting back again.

VN: I was talking to Magisk yesterday and he was saying that it’s a confidence thing where if you get one thing to go your way, it could start spiraling. Did you feel that a little bit today getting off to a good start against G2?

RV: I think winning the pistol round made us more confident, of course. We have lost four of six pistol rounds, I think, so it’s ridiculous, and we are used to actually at least winning one pistol round every match. And when it’s a BO1, it’s really hard to get back if you lose both pistol rounds. So starting with a pistol round win, it made us more confident.

VN: And that’s uncharacteristic for you guys, as well. Is that just one of those things that is just kind of random and can happen in best-of-ones? Or why do you think you guys had struggled to this point on pistol rounds?

RV: I’m not sure. it’s a combination of people not hitting their shots. We are, for example, stacking the different sides where the others are not coming. I think it’s a combination of everything, just unlucky and not hitting our shots.

VN: Here you guys are, it probably has been as much of worst case scenario as possible for you to start the Major, and yet you have one match with a chance to make the playoffs. Have you guys been able to kind of reset and refocus just say, “OK, it’s been a little bad, but here we are, we win one best-of-one and we’re in the playoffs?”

RV: Well, I would say we never give up. If we play our game and we’re under, let’s say they have 15 rounds and we have six rounds, we know it’s still possible. And it’s the same with the Swiss format. If we played the last Major, we would be out now, but we have one extra life and it means a lot for us, and I think if we step up, talk like we usually do, hit our shots, I think we can manage to get to the playoffs.

VN: How are you guys going to spend the rest of the day? Are you going to pay attention to the other 1-2 team matches or are you going to put it out of your head for a bit?

RV: Of course we are going to watch every match. We are going to be super prepared versus whoever we play, but I think we’ll just relax, talk within the team about what we should do and just relax, I think.

VN: What do you think of the Swiss format in general for a Major?

RV: I like it. It’s better. I would prefer best-of-threes, of course, but it takes too much time. So Swiss is better than the GSL system, I would say, at least, so I like it.

Cover photo courtesy of Turner Sports/ELEAGUE