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Dupreeh: “All I remember from that moment was that I just ran, hugged Zonic and fell to the floor crying like a baby.”

Astralis won the ELEAGUE Major championship after defeating Virtus.Pro in a thrilling 2-1 match (12-16, 16-14, 16-14). Afterward, the players met with members of the media for a news conference. You can watch the full news conference on Periscope, and here are a couple of the highlights:

Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz on the feeling of validation after repeated Major failures: Definitely. Yea. We’ve been through a tough ride. Me, xyp9x and Peter tried all 10 times, and now we succeeded. I think it’s unique because we succeeded at winning the Major without really peaking as a team. We saw how strong we were at ECS and we were probably like three times stronger (then). And we can get even stronger, so I think we actually sent a statement out there today by winning against Virtus and also the last couple of days we’ve beaten Fnatic, we’ve beaten Na’Vi and we haven’t really peaked yet.

Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann on winning after spending the last Major in the hospital: For myself, as you said, last Major was really hard for me, and I remember watching the game against Dignitas back then from the hospital bed, and I remember how happy I got when we made the playoffs of there. This time we made the playoffs again, and I got really happy, but I don’t think anything can describe how I feel when (it’s) 15-14, and we just got one frag after another and I was like “we got this one boys” I can’t really describe it. All I remember from that moment was that I just ran, hugged Zonic and fell to the floor crying like a baby.

Cover photo courtesy of Turner Sports/ELEAGUE


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